Monday, August 17, 2015

love is in the air

my dad's update: 
he's already been discharged on friday evening. itupun dia kana kasi keluar suda from the bilik since ada patient lain yang mau kana admit in the ward. kasian juga hospital nda cukup tempat for the patients. anyway, i'm so grateful that he can go home already last week. now, he still need to train himself to walk again. i dunno how pain is the gout pain but i know it's really really pain for those yang mengalami sakit itu. now let's hope he's making progress on his walking sooner or later. ciayo ciayo Dad!!

okay, sebenarnya saya mau cerita pasal engagement kazen saya ba ni..hihi... tapi bagi update dulu on my dad progress :)

080815 the day my cousin's got engaged. cantik kan ini nombor. pandai dorang pilih date. ba, mari la kita tingu gambar time dorang tunang.
engagement blessings by Fr Rayner Basius

newly engaged couple with their parents
congratulations once again my dear cousin. ba jangan dikasi lama-lama ya *_*
the details that i captured during their engagement day.. 'red vs green theme' yo!
ini team forever young and younger generation..
my dad's siblings!
that's us! jaden is nowhere to sight..sedang exploring rumah kazen saya kali.. sori la gambar membelakang jerr..ini pun kena share dari whatsapps family :)

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